Our diverse team of experts and partners provides customized audit services to meet your organization’s needs. BHCT is committed to assist you in each step of the implementation process of a successful care pathways program & help your team to develop the necessary skills and mindset to be able to successfully manage the transition into a new era of healthcare.

Scientific research and publications

BHCT will publish articles and research papers on a regular basis.

BHCT will also work in partnership with academic public health schools, academic hospitals on particular topics.

Leading Projects

BHCT sustains corporations and individuals on projects that respects BHCT’s values and philosophy and who are promoting integrative care approaches.

BHCT’s leading projects are based on new forms of partnerships between stakeholders based on shared therapeutic responsibilities in preventive or curative care processes.

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Training and Advisory

Through its socio-economical approach towards the development of the

Health sector, BHCT is committed to bridge the gap that currently exists between Health and Wealth and think about new development strategies.

Therefore BHCT brought together a complete team of experts that provide training & advice.

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