We received many questions from followers to understand the foundations of our pathology approach and the consequences in health management.

Everything is in the title and the basic model is quite simple but we will reveal the complete model officially in a very few weeks.

Let’s just say that working in a pathology bottom up philosophy offers efficiency for many reasons.

Patients’recruitment is mainly based on diagnosis and associated complete pathway. This allows a care organization to promote the care way or part of a care way they have developed as a marketable and quoted product with an associated team.

We were often countered by the fact environmental characteristics made it difficult to standardize care ways & get them quoted.

This is true if you see standardization as worldwide guidelines but this is not the case if we talk about care organizations internal standards adapted to the environment & outcomes.

Inspired by the works Prof. M.Porter & Prof Kris Vanhaecht when it came to hospital organisation, the BHCT model however focuses much more on patients’outcomes and preferences offering predictability to the providers in care concerning needs, expectations & wishes, going from easily predictable and standardisable to unforeseeable.

Medical outcome measurements (ICHOM) are already a reality. But those will be completed in a near future by economical & well-being personal outcomes as direct & indirect costs for the patients will raise.

Governments and insurances companies have no other choice to keep the system sustainable to increase contributions & introduce incentives or sanctions for patients’ behavior in care and patient’s accountability becomes unavoidable.

As for financial reasons, patient’s role in care is changing with a dazzling speed all other stakeholders will have to adapt there services to an increasingly responsible patient with higher requierements especially concerning the delivered information around the pathology, its treatment & related costs.

BHCT team with special thanks to Arnaud Bosteels Sam WardThomas Van de Casteele(Awellhealth.com)

Karolien Haese