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as a result of extensive research and collaboration between health practitioners and economic experts.

During the next decade, the world will face major demographic challenges relating to growth, aging population and limited resources.

Healthcare, education, justice, housing and food are seen as human-rights for a majority of the world’s nations, thus making the public authorities accountable for organizing their political systems to providing those five human rights pillars to their citizens.

Therefore, ensuring access to affordable & qualitative healthcare has become an issue for many countries as most of the existing systems are financially unsustainable.

It’s an illusion to believe that the public authorities can handle by themselves one of the biggest challenges the world will have to face in the future to maintain balance in healthcare proficiency.

Therefore BHCT promotes social awareness among all stakeholders about their mission in healthcare delivery.

Making patients more accountable for their health behavior and bridging the stakeholders’ interests by challenging them on critical issues such as integrating new technologies or resource reallocation is BHCT’s priority.

To achieve this goal, BHCT invites all stakeholders to share more therapeutic responsibilities and work out new forms of collaboration & partnerships.

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